Things to Know for Surfing at Cabo San Lucas

Surfing is a wonderful recreational activity for those who love traveling and water sports. If you are fond of surfing, you know that choosing the right surfing destination is important. In different parts of the world, there are different places for surfing. If you are searching for a surfing destination in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is a piece of paradise for you. The place is already popular for being a wonderful destination for beach lovers. It has all essential elements that beach lovers often want. Travelers will get tequila bars, open air mall, breezy beaches, azure seawater, and many more things at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Good and Bad Things for Surfing at Cabo

Why is Cabo San Lucas growing popular rapidly as a surfing destination? There are many reasons behind the rising popularity of the place. First of all, it offers various beaches and reefs for the surfers. Secondly, it is a wonderful party town. You can enjoy surfing in the morning and partying in the night. Since there are many surfing destinations, one needs to find a car rental service to access different surfing spots. For beginners, the place may not be suitable for surfing. But, there are a lot of surfing training centers to provide excellent surf lessons Cabo San Lucas to beginners and veterans.

Find the Right Surfing Spot

If you want to enjoy surfing at Cabo San Lucas, you should find the right spot for surfing. There are many spots for surfing, and you cannot explore all of them in a small trip. So, you have to choose the right spots to save your time. Beginners should choose the spots that suit them. Some of the popular surfing destinations near Cabo San Lucas are discussed below.

  • Cerritos: Are you looking for a surfing spot for beginners near Cabo? Cerritos is the most suitable surfing spot for you. The best thing is that the spot is easily accessible from Cabo. A 45-minute drive from Cabo will help you to reach the place. In winter, the weather remains excellent for surfing. However, winter also experiences heavy traffic. If you want a more peaceful ambiance, spring or summer can be a more suitable time for visiting the place.
  • Costa Azul: The place is a destination for local surfers. You may find the place a little crowded. But, many surfers prefer the place for the beautiful ambiance. You will discover the beach town in a party mood throughout the day. There are a lot of training institutions for surfers too.
  • Todos Santos: Todos Santos is the place for skilled and experienced surfers. People from different parts of the world come here for enjoying surfing. Various surfing tournaments and competitions have been held at this place. You can enlist your name in such competitions online. Located in the southern part of Cabo San Lucas, the place is easily accessible.
  • Migrino: Splendid natural beauty is the major attraction of Migrino. From summer to winter, the place remains crowded with surfers in all seasons. The place houses some fascinating beach resorts. Hence, staying at this place is a wonderful experience.

Seasons for Surfing at Cabo San Lucas

Surfing at Cabo is an all-season activity. People visit the place in different seasons and enjoy surfing here. The weather of the place is perfect to provide safe and enjoyable surfing experience.

  • Summer (June – August): Surfer visit a large number from June to August. Cabo experiences a wonderful summer during this time. People love to spend beach vacations in summer. Along with the beach vacation, they also enjoy surfing.
  • Winter (November to March): Winter is the ideal season for surfing in the southern parts of Cabo San Lucas. You can visit Cerritos, Migrino, and other places for surfing.
  • Spring (April and May): Spring is also a good time for surfing in Cabo, though spring lasts for a short period. From April to May, you will observe spring at this place. During this time, the weather remains perfect for the surfers.

Find a Surfing Training Center

If you are new to surfing, you should undergo training at a reputed surfing institute in Cabo San Lucas. The good thing is that there are many institutions, and thus finding the right training center would not be a difficult thing. After obtaining the surf lessons Cabo San Lucas, you should go for surfing at the various destinations near Cabo.

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Surfing is an adventure water sport, and thus everyone should use proper safety accessories for surfing. Beginners must learn the precautionary measures of surfing.

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