Top 9 Best Plants Which You Can Cultivate In Your Garden And Feel Amazed By Its Beauty

Do you want to make a garden full of beautiful plants in your house? Not only does it look great but it is also the perfect way to create your private garden in a small space. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary land for a garden but have a terrace at your home, these plants look attractive and make your home more relaxing.

Now you are confused about choosing your plants!! so, don’t worry, here is a list of 9 Terrace Garden plants that will turn into your own personal garden. You can order plants online for your terrace garden. So be ready because you are going to do what you love. You can go for conifers and vegetables that look better.

Take a look at these 9 plants that can transform your hobby into an art : 

Areca palm 

Areca palm is what you should definitely get for your terrace garden for more green color. This plant has feathery leaves, these green plants will grab the immediate attention of anyone. This plant doesn’t need much sunlight to bloom and is easily compatible with warm temperatures.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant is one for beginners who have zero experience with gardening. This is really easy to grow. They are small enough to fit on your terrace garden or even on your tabletop if you feel like decorating it. They need indirect sunlight. They need a good amount of water and can survive in warm weather.

Jade plant 

Jade plants have short leaves that look beautiful from the outside. Not only this but they are also popular because they are considered to be a symbol of good luck. They are super easy to care for if you are a beginner, relax and get them soon. They need moderate light, less water, and can survive in cold and hot temperatures.


This plant is also called the hard to kill plant which means they need an extremely low level of maintenance and care. So it can be used for your terrace garden plants because you don’t need to make much effort for them. Also, this is an indoor plant and you can bring it from order online for indoor plants. It has a large collection of many kinds of plants. 

Money plant 

Money plants have a popular concept of bringing wealth and luck to your family. They are climbers so they can grow anywhere even if there is little space available. Money plants are what you should get for your terrace garden as they will climb and grow all over the wall. Money plants need direct sunlight, less water requirement, and can survive in hot climates.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants have thick and short leaves. We can grow in arid conditions. If you don’t water it for months they can survive pretty well. So this plant is for the careless gardeners who want a beautiful terrace garden with less care. Sunlight is good for the best result of this plant.

Weeping fig

Weeping fig is known for large and arching branches. They are short plants so they don’t need large space. This plant grows extremely healthy and needs direct sunlight. They need a good amount of water and Indian temperature is best for these plants.

Lady’s palm

Lady Palm usually has fan-shaped leaves with many gaps. This plant makes a unique pattern to the shapes of the leaves. You need this type of unique plant if you are a garden lover. Place it in direct sunlight, they need less water to grow and survive in hot and cold temperatures.

Morning glory

This is a flowering plant that opens only in the morning and does have a royal purple shade in them. They are climbers and can grow 4 meters in height. They need a lot of water to grow, need indirect sunlight and they can grow in moderate tropical temperatures.

So these were the nine best plants you can grow for your terrace garden. All these plants are widely available in our surroundings and suitable for our climate. Make your terrace garden beautiful and decorate it with these plants.

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